Officiale Boat of the Villa Cortine - Virgilio Aquilia 2.0Virgilio official boat Villa Cortine SirmioneVirgilio the official boat of the Villa Cortine Palace Hotel

Virgilio official boat

In 2018, Virgilio has been chosen as the official boat for the Villa Cortine hotel guests. Thanks to an important partnership with ICYACHT and Bertoldi Boats, the Villa Cortine has reached an important goal: to bring the 5-star hospitality even on water, eliminate barriers and create a continuity of service while maintaining the excellence that has distinguished the hotel for years.

The boat will serve as a link between the hotel's services and the incomparable tours of Bertoldi, real experiences that stand out for their style and competence. It will be possible to organize romantic tours, family trips, cultural excursions and much more, admiring panoramas, landscapes and the magnificent towns of Lake Garda.

The Virgilio Aquilia 2.0 speedboat is a true celebration of passion and innovation, a distinctive and technologically advanced design, a unique comfort and elegance, guaranteed by handcrafted finishes and details that underline an important attention to luxury. With 440 horsepower and a top speed of 42 knots, Virgilio promises to all our guests strong emotions, fun and a 360 ° experience on Lake Garda.


• Full day 

• 1/2 day (4 hours) 

• End-of-day tour (2 hours) 

• Sunset tour (1 hour) 

The tours can be personalized according to your needs and requirements, upon availability there is a chance to leave from the private jetty of our hotel (depending on the weather conditions).

For more information contact the number +39 030.9905890 or send an email to