Villa Von Koseritz - external view

The Villa Von Koseritz

The name Villa Cortine arrives at the end of the 1800. The German Count Kurt Von Koseritz bought the 5ha park and begun, on the 1898, the construction of the Villa. As was the pratice of the country towards the end of the 1800's, the front of the Villa was in a rigorous neoclassical style, with great columns supporting the portico-facade. The Villa was adorned with veronese marble which was transported across the lake on barges and, still appreciable, are the frescoes, the stained glass windows and some original furnitures.

When war broke out with Austria, the Count was forced to leave Italy and repatriate. He died without heirs. The park and the Villa was first confiscated and entrusted to the local council, became property of various privates, who built the new wing in the 1952, and war chest.

Today heritage of the Family Ghidini, from Brescia, well known manufacturers.